Young adults going to Zimbabwe


A team of students and leaders in the United Methodist Church will be heading to Old Mutare, Zimbabwe May 10-21,  2012. The team will be visiting Africa University, a United Methodist related  institution that was established in 1992.


The team will spend time in devotion, community involvement, conversation with community members and spiritual growth. The primary objective of the Mission Discovery trip is to gain a cross-cultural exchange between US college students andtudents studying at Africa University. Through this exchange a framework of teaching young adults how to lead mission trips globally and domestically will be included.


The Mission Discovery team will be working closely with Africa University students sharing the love of Christ, working on service projects and developing meaningful relationships in the community of Old Mutare.  The types of service projects the team will be working on will include hands on work like building a training center for youths to reduce poverty and hunger in their lives. Other projects include working with children to increase literacy, employment opportunities and improve health conditions.


The Mission Discovery team plans to make this trip annually, exposing passionate Christians to the multitude of opportunities and blessings cross-cultural relationships have to offer.

The 2012 team will be led by Greg Lawton of the Wesley Fellowship at Grand Valley State University and Lisa Batten of the Wesley Foundation at Western Michigan. There is room for two more persons on the team. The trip will cost around $3,000 per person. If you 18-30 years old are  are interested in this opportunity, please contact Greg, 269-317-7183.

*Photos courtesy of Eric Mulanda, Africa University student body president




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